My Everyday Makeup Routine 2017

Hello, Friends!

Today I thought that I would share with you all my everyday makeup routine! As I am sure is the way with many of you, I don’t always want to wake up in the morning… I take my sweet time to get out of bed, and then RUSH to get ready! It’s not ideal, and means I have to cut down on my morning routine more than I would like to. However, it usually means a bit more sleep, which is always a plus!

So, here is a part of my morning routine for you all!


The first thing that I start with is a face primer, this particular one that I have been LOVING is the Master Prime by Maybelline. This is the green formula to blur and control redness, I swear, anything I do to my face it turns red. If I touch it or get embarrassed (which those around me love to point out!) is when it gets the worst, so have something to help counteract that is amazing!

face things option 2

The next place I focus is my face!

I don’t do a whole lot to my face, as I said, wake up late and not a lot of time! So, the first thing I do here after my primer is on is to go in with concealer. I use two different concealers, one for my face, and one for my under eyes. If I’m feeling super lazy that day, I will just use the under eye concealer for my face too…. OOPS! For my under eyes, I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in ‘fair’ and this stuff is the! I have gone through so many of these and it works wonders! The face concealer that I use is Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous concealer, probably also in fair, but the shade is on the packaging that the product comes it, so that is long gone! I blend these in with an E.L.F. cosmetics small stipple brush.

After the concealer, I use a powder foundation, also from the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous line. This is in the shade fair as well. I often apply this with the sponge that comes in the packaging for more full coverage, or the large stipple brush from E.L.F. cosmetics if I want a lighter coverage.


After the base is done,

I move on to the final touches and this is usually only if I have the time, which I try to! ☺ I will contour my cheekbones with the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in the shade ‘Summertime’ (perfect, right?!) I actually apply this with a blush brush. Personally, I feel like it makes the line much less harsh, so perfect for everyday wear!

I then put on my highlight, which I love. This is the baked highlighter, again by E.L.F. cosmetics. This one is in the shade ‘Moonlight Pearl’ and for the price, this stuff is fantastic! I apply this with the E.L.F. Flawless Concealer Brush. I enjoy using a more dense brush to apply highlight, I think it makes it show more. I used to use a fan brush and like this application much better!

eyes and lips

The final step

Lastly, I do my eyes and my lips. For both of these, I keep it VERY simple. For my eyes on an everyday basis, I only use mascara. I have been loving the Covergirl Super Sizer mascara and this stuff is superb! It has a little ball applicator at the end that makes it super easy to get your inner and outer lashes. (See what I did there..?) I use the shade very black because for me, the darker your lashes the more they show up. I also use the waterproof version because it holds a curl much better!

Lastly, I just put a balm on my lips. I have been really loving the Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint. This is 100% natural and literally works wonders!

So that’s it for what I use for my everyday makeup routine!

If you guys want to see a Get Ready With Me using this routine, let me know and I will be sure to do that for you! Leave me a comment with some suggestions for future posts!

Thank you all so much for reading ☺




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