Hello, Friends!

Today I thought I would share with you all a lookbook for the Summer of 2017! I have always really enjoyed putting together different outfits and seeing what I can come up with! Most of the pieces in this post are from Marshall’s because number 1 they have the most amazing random finds, and number 2 it’s the only clothing store remotely close to me, which I am not upset with! โ˜บย I hope you all enjoy!

I want to thank my wonderful mother, Jackie, who took these photos for me! โ™ฅ

Outfit Numero Uno!

The first outfit that I put together is fairly Fourth of July inspired! I paired these white shorts from Marshalls which are the brand “Celebrity Pink,” with a light blue crop top which is from Pac Sun a couple of summers ago. I added some knock-off Birkenstocks which are by the brand “Mudd.” I also popped on a baseball cap with an American Flag peace sign on it!

Outfit Numero Dos!

The second outfit that I put together is a cute, weekend Summer outfit! I paired these ADORABLE flowy shorts with a simple white crop top! The shorts are by the brand “Angie” and the shirt I ordered from Romwe last year, but I have seen it on their website since! I added some simple, brown wedges to dress it up a bit, but you can always pair an outfit similar to this with flats or sneakers as well!

Outfit Numero Tres!

Outfit number three is one of my favorites! I have worn the full outfit on the left to work and made it on the heels the entire day! The top is from Marshall’s and it is by the brand “Zenana Outfitters.” I own quite a few shirts from this brand and they are all extremely soft! I tucked this into a pair of mint green cut off jeans by the brand “Blue Spice.” I also own a lot of pants by this brand, most of the pants that I wear on a daily basis are this brand and they fit PERFECTLY! I paired this outfit with a pair of heels from Marshall’s by “Nine West.” ย On the right side, I showed you guys a way to make this a bit more casual. I tied up the shirt in the front and swapped out the heels for a comfy pair of Keds! โ˜บ

Outfit Numero Cuatro!

This outfit is work appropriate, and also good for a night out for dinner in the Summertime! I started off with the shirt which I got recently from Marshall’s as well! This is a cold shoulder top by the brand “Love, Fire” and it is so comfortable and cute which the perfect combination! I paired this with a pair of cropped white pants, again by the brand “Blue Spice.” My shoes are black strappy sandals with a fake gold zipper detail on the front! I’m unsure of the brand of these because it has rubbed off because I wear them so often!

Outfit Number Cinco!

The final outfit is SUPER simple! I found this beautiful dress at Marshall’s that is so simple to just throw on! It is a cobaltย blue color with a blue/green color block on the bottom! This is by the brand “Lucy & Laurel.” It also has a pocket on the chest which is a super cute detail! I paired this with a pair of tan sandals that I bought last spring at Charlotte Ruse!

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And there you go! Five different outfits that I put together for the summer! I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment down below! Please like this post and follow my e-mail updates to find out when I post!

Also, here are some blooper photos, cause those are always fun, right?





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