My Realistic Night Routine! ☺


Hello Friends! ☺

Today I decided that I would bring you my realistic Night Routine! I decided that I would show you my skincare routine as well as just a quick synopsis of what Kendall and I do on a typical night! Now, on this particular night, we ate dinner way earlier than usual, so dinner was not included in this routine.

So first, let’s walk through skin care!

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The first thing that I go in with is the Garnier Micellar Water, in the waterproof version, to get all the makeup off my face from the day!


After I remove my makeup, this is typically when I will go in with a face mask. Tonight, I decided to use the Cucumber Cooling Peel-Off Mask which you can get from CVS.


The next step in my skincare routine is to tone my face. I have been absolutely LOVING using the Thayers Witch Hazel, and I use the lavender scent. This stuff is so simple and seriously works wonders.


To moisturize my face, I love using the Simple brand. This is the protecting moisturizer with SPF 15, I adore how this makes my skin feel the next day!


The final step in my skincare routine is my eye cream! This is the Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate. I think that eye creams can be one of the most difficult things in your skincare routine to choose what would work best for you. I recently discovered They have reviews for absolutely everything, from Nerf Guns to which Insurance should you choose? This is seriously the website to go to when you are trying to decide on really anything that you are unsure about! One of the reviews I found was their review of eye creams.  Their reviews are entirely unbiased and tested thoroughly to give their readers the best and most accurate information possible!


The last thing that I typically do at night for hygiene is to brush my teeth. Typically at night, I use this Spearmint Charcoal Powder to help whiten teeth, I’ve been using this for about a month and it’s working well so far! page break

After I finish my skincare routine, Kendall and I will typically just cuddle up on the couch, watch some Netflix or play Mario Kart and then head off to bed! I also made a full video over on my youtube channel so you can see the whole video of my Night Routine here!

Thank you guys so much! Please feel free to leave a comment down below of anything else you would like to see and follow me on all of my platforms, linked down below!

I hope you enjoyed!



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