Late Summer Day in my Life

Hello All!

Welcome to a late summer day in my life! I don’t know about you, but over the last week or so here in New England, we began to see (and feel) signs of Fall ! This is my absolute favorite time of the year! This particular day ended up being about 85 degrees (figures) but overall it has been roughly 70 degrees every day. This is just making me more and more anxious for fall to come, which means days of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple picking! But that is for another time.

September 9th, 2020. Colin and I had a super fun, socially distanced, late summer day! We had a late start to the day, as per a usual day off. We got started, of course, by going to Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean come on, we live in New England, is there another way to start your day? Our next stop was getting some lunch. We decided to try a new restaurant that recently opened up in our area, continuing to support local business as best we can! The Groovy Noodle was a great choice! We did order to go and took our lunch to a local park and decided to eat in the car. For an appetizer, we got the fried mac n’ cheese balls, which as an avid mac n’ cheese LOVER, I can assure you, were absolutely amazing! I got an order of chicken, bacon, ranch, and avocado mac n’cheese, which was delicious! Colin got the pork belly ramen, which he also said was very good! Overall, would highly recommend if you live anywhere local to us.

After lunch, we went to a local park to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful day! Whenever we take pictures, my absolute favorite app to use is called Huji. As you can see, it takes photos with a filter meant to look like an “old school” Fuji camera. The app quality is pretty nice and you can save the images that you like directly to your camera roll with the click of one button. I can not believe that Fuji cameras or film cameras in general are not considered vintage… that was all I used growing up, talk about feeling old!

Our next stop was a quick run into Walmart, so entertaining, right? I found these frames which were matted for an 8×10, the matte could be taken out to make it size 11×14 which was exactly what I needed! I have always loved watercolor painting, it is an amazing creative outlet for me and I painted both of these recently. The dream catcher was a request by Colin, and the other is just an ode to my love for fall. If anyone is interested in getting anything custom made, feel free to send me an email or message me on Instagram!

I decided this particular day, to do a little bit of extra self-care. This was attempt number one at an at-home manicure, which turned out better than expected! I used some old press on nails that I have had forever so I don’t know the brand, but these are similar! I painted them and shaped them myself so you can do whatever colors you would like! It’s been about two-three days and I have only had to glue a couple back on. The glue that I picked up is the Vita Bond nail glue by the brand Kiss. They have been staying on so well! Whenever I have done fake nails at home in the past, they have always fallen off so quickly, so this nail glue is an upgrade!

I ended my night with my skin care routine, if you are interested in seeing that at all, I have it planned for an upcoming post! As a mommy-to-be, my skin changes basically daily. “Maskne” is also very real, which has not been fun alongside my hormonal breakouts. Because of both of these combined, I have been trying to pay a bit of extra attention to my skin care.

That was our day! If you guys have anything that you want to see from me, leave a comment down below! Follow me on social media to keep up and give this post a like if you want to see more! I will talk to you all again soon

One thought on “Late Summer Day in my Life

  1. Of course a restaurant like that opens up after I leave! Sounds like an awesome day and I’m really happy for you! Those nails look great and I can’t wait to read the skin care post. I miss our spa days!


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