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Welcome to a place where you can learn about decor, lifestyle, and the anxieties of life all tied into one friendly place. If you love being creative in different aspects around your home, and in your everyday life, you’ve stumbled onto the right website! I express my creativity through recipes, outfits, and my interior decorating and hope to share that with you. I am a newbie, but I hope to share my life experience (so far anyway!) and learn with my followers to grow and become better every day.

I briefly mentioned the “anxieties of life.” So, let’s delve into that a bit. I am currently 23, and since I was 15 I have suffered from anxiety. Through my blogging journey, I’m going to explore the impact that anxiety has had on my life and how it has changed and bettered different aspects of my growth. ย On a positive note, I just moved out on my own for the second time in my life, and get to start an amazing adventure with my boyfriend, Kendall. I look forward to sharing my new tips and tricks of home decorating and the things I get to cook now that I have my own kitchen!

So stick around by following me and let’s work through this crazy journey of life, together! โ˜บ