My Realistic Night Routine! ☺

Realistic night routine with fiance skincare routine 2018

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Night Out With Friends: GRWM 💁

Hello friends, get ready with me for a night out with friends! Hope you enjoy☺

Hello, Friends! I wanted to bring you along while I get ready for a night out with my friends! I went through the process from hair, through to outfit, and maybe even some pics of my friends and I! The first step was to take a shower and do my hair! If you want to […]

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My Everyday Makeup Routine 2017

Hello, Friends! Today I thought that I would share with you all my everyday makeup routine! As I am sure is the way with many of you, I don’t always want to wake up in the morning… I take my sweet time to get out of bed, and then RUSH to get ready! It’s not ideal, […]

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How to have the BEST at home pamper night!

Hello Friends! I thought that I would share with you my pamper routine for when I spend nights just focusing on self-care. Usually these are nights when Kendall (the boyfriend) is at work and I can spend some good, quality time with myself! Side note: this usually includes some Law and Order: SVU or some […]

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